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Hi, never knew this site existed and it's a good one find. Right now I have a 1975 Dart Sport that is a forever in progress, which replaced a...whatever work/forever that was in promise, that last one was before it....which replaced the 68 Charger R/T 440 and the 70 Valiant 360 oh and the 54 Belvedere 3 hundred and something or another yep in the valve covers, the spark plugs?..yeah, or was it a 56?....<---no typos anywhere
If your over 60 or so, then you followed along fine and got all 50 years of that stuff, and I guess we'll wait for the rest of you kids to catch up, right?
After the last however many months-we ain't done by a long ways either-and me andher doing as little as possible she said she wanted a new modulator in her distributor.
She refused to start.
I checked my options.
We decided she would get an Edlebrock EFI. Ooohhh...
Nope-already had the heads for .450/.450 lift and I will have to look-duration-vacuum can-sump for fuel-memory is sharp as my notes are!
Now I'm out looking at what there is as reminders-refresh my memory doing some reading and remembering what it felt like to lay under a car when it didn't hurt to just lay there!!!
Seems like a pretty nice site, only thing I didn't see where they was setting is where you keep the Band-Aids and fire extinguisher, other than that any questions-ask. I will.
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