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new S/S springs and still sags on right side.

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I put new S/S springs on my car because I thought the stockers had one side sagging. the passenger side sat an inch lower than the driver's. I bought the new 002/003 springs and the passenger side STILL sits 1/4" lower. I've checked 5 times to be sure they're on the correct sides. when I got the car, all was well, then after I completely redid the rear end and undercarriage, within a month, i began to notice a sag in the right rear.

During the teardown, i realized I had an early B rear end, and they didn't relocate the spring perches, since they were only out 1/2" per side. they just pulled the springs together at the perches. this caused warped springs, and I figured the damage caused them to sag with being reinstalled correctly (i used the offset hanger setup.)

So anyway....When I noticed the sag and assumed it was the springs, I bought new S/S springs, but like I said...the car still sits low on the passenger side, just not nearly as bad. I examined the framerails and measured everything I could think of to be sure there was no frame damage, but i can't see where i'm getting the sag.
Also, before installation, the right side spring had a lot more arch than the left, but still sits lower.

any ideas?
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Did you adjust the torsion bars so the front sits level? That will also affect the way the rear sits.
Yep - torsion bars
man i love those jiggle pics on your posts Ciscodog tnku
I tried adjusting the driver's side lower to compensate, but usually, you have to lower the passenger side to get them to sit leveller, because the pass side is supposed to be higher. anyway, the t-bar adjustment didn't do it. I had the driver's side let way off, and the passenger side still sits lower. closest I can get to even being level is 1/4" lower on the right side. this is the only car with S/S springs that I have ever seen that sits lower on the passenger side.
where are you taking the measurements?

First, i measured at the spring perches to verify a level axle. jut to be sure. then measured at the frame by the front hangers, and at the rear shackles. also measured at the axle bumper on the framerail. all measurements were equally off about 1/2"
measured from front eye to top shackle mount to verify same length. these measurements, i assume, indicate that the frame rails are ok.

Then I went on to measuring the springs themselves. at the perch (already had that measurement) and the front and rear eyes. the front and rear eyes were equally low on the passenger side as compared to driver's side. However, the springs arched at different rates along them (obviously, since they are equal at the perch)
SO...all THAT means the right side is compressed more, making that side lower. all I can think of to cause this are either LOTS of excess weight on the right side (not likely) or bad(?) springs?????
like said initially, the right spring had about 2" more arch before installation, and it is also the one with the lower leaf pointing forward.
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My Dart with /6 T bars and 002/003 springs has the passenger side up 3/4". My T bars are probably set the way they were at the factory (low miles grandpa car). Haven't got around to the front end yet.

And just to verify, 002 is on the right and 003 is on the left. Mopar always (untill some new recent cars) used the odd ending numbers on the left and the even ending numbers on the right.

BTW, with the quality of SS springs over the past 5-8 years, i wouldnt use a set to save my life. I would probably use aset to make my own spring pack, but if im paying that kind ofmoney, i'll just get a set from a "real" spring maker.

May not have anything to do with it... But, Do you have frame connectors in it? I knew of one guy who bought a car that someone welded in frame connectors without the car sitting unlevel.
what about the length of the springs or the distance from the front spring mount to the back one compared to each side?
the springs are set up that way to off set the weight of the driver. with you in the car it should sit level
I can't imagine being too worried about a quarter inch. That's not much at all. That could be caused by something as simple as tire pressure. Heck, you could smoke the tread off the right rear tire (non LS) and the bald tire would cause a quarter inch difference. You sure you want to try to chase down a quarter inch??
CudaSRT8 said:
I can't imagine being too worried about a quarter inch.   That's not much at all.   That could be caused by something as simple as tire pressure.   Heck, you could smoke the tread off the right rear tire (non LS) and the bald tire would cause a quarter inch difference.   You sure you want to try to chase down a quarter inch??
seeing as the right is 1/4" lower than the left, that makes it 1 to 1 1/4" lower than it's "supposed" to be, since the right side should be 3/4-1" HIGHER, not lower.

I'll measure the springs from the eye to rear mount next time i'm off.

And there are not frame connectors in it.
Check this out. The first picture is my Super Stock springs when I first installed them. The second picture is about 9 months later. The car is sitting with the weight on the axle, but it hasn't even been on the road yet. Is it my imagination or have they settled between 1-2 inches. I'm not complaining, I thought it was a little high to start. doh

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I just checked the driver's side and it is still sitting the same, about an inch higher than the passenger side. Oh well, maybe with my fat butt in the seat it will even out. **(*)
your is high on the driver's side too???

are YOUR springs on the correct sides?

maybe there's a problem with new S/S springs....
Yes I actually came in and checked the catalogue to make sure they were on the correct sides. By the way, the odd and even thing isn't correct, mine says 866 is on the left and 865 is on the right. The drivers side has 4 main leaves and 1 half leaf facing the back of the car. The passenger side has 4 main leaves and 2 half leaves facing the front of the car. Both sides were roughly the same height when I installed them. The passenger side has sagged about 1 inch. The main leaf on the spring has a bit of a reverse curve near the shackle. The drivers side second leaf extends further to the rear and I think supports the main leaf more. Like I said I'm not going to get too upset about it until I see how they work, and if they settle more after being driven some. **(*)
that's what my stock leaves did when I took them out and reinstalled them.  it sat level, and over a couple months, the passenger side sagged about an inch.

SO...i got the S/S springs and stil have it.
I bought my SS springs about a year ago and the right side is 1/2 to 3/4 inch higher than the left. They have not sagged at all. You might want to take the springs off and measure the arch unloaded, may have to send them back cause something aint right.

Something else to check would be the rear shackle angle, both the same ? Not bound up ? I have never used the offset hangers, but is it possible to install one of the front hangers flipped upside down, raising the front spring eye ?

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