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Hey everyone. I was browsing the site and I'm really impressed with all the great info available. Here's my story:

1971 Demon, soon to be 440/4 speed. 1974 Dart parts car that may be a runner soon...

In high school my buddies and I built a 440 and crammed it in a friend's '71 Demon. With a 4 speed and 323 gears that was the fastest, funnest car I've ever been in and it made a huge impression on me. I finally found one in Artesia, NM 2 years ago for $1000 and the madness began... This car has no title and was either a former drag car, or was in the process of becoming one. I'd guess that the last time it ran was in the 80's. I've got a long way to go, but here's what I got so far from the local older Mopar hoarders:

-Motorhome 440
-Cast 440 crank (drilled for pilot bearing)
-906 Heads (2 pairs)
-Pair of Thermoquads
-B-body 4 Speed (hoping to make it work)
-Pedal Assembly
-Front disc brake conversion kit
-Reman hood hinges (SMS out of NY)
-Dash frame (eBay)
-1974 Dart (picked this up for $400! IT is a running car that needs a radiator and wheel hub. Has a new fuel tank and ALL the interior. Planning to gut it for the Demon)

Goal for this year is to get the motor mounts, oil pan and crank swapped in order to lower the engine in the car and maybe make a trans crossmemeber. My primary build is as big block C10 with nitrous so that gets most of the attention and the Demon takes second place for now... Once I get the car running I'll start in or replacing all the lower sheet metal that was cut out, drive it with the stock doggy motorhome motor for a while till I can build a 505 stroker. Want to leave it patina/rusty though because she's named the K-RUSTY Demon.

Looking forward to asking for advice and meeting new Mopar enthusiasts!

Bosque Farms, NM


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a damn fine start. welcome aboard.

the site might be a wee slow at times, but there's a treasure trove of information from many many sources here.
none the less, feel free to fire off questions and we'll try to keep you on the path

also, thanks for saving what is becoming an all too rare find.

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