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Anyone use Norton Speedgrip structural adhesives for bonding?? I was told its the same as the 3M panel adhesives..... good stuff? or no...

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Hey BBscamp,

didn't i just see you? 8) I have used it on many occasions and i have had no problems.I used it mostly on fiberglass and SMC .It says it's good for plastics,smc panels,metals,fiberglassand wood.1 minute open time,1 1/2 min.working time,7 min. clamp time,12 min. sand time.You have to work with it really quick.This stuff will set up before you blink your eye.I wish i would have known i would have sent you home with some to try out.I've used it on things i didn't evem know what it was made of.I fixed my daughter's riding helmet with it(nothing structural).I fixed my sons tractors,my swimming pool,you name it.I think it works great.

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