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Odd LCA Pivot Pin?

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Heres the lower control arm pivot pin I pulled out of that damaged K-frame, Not only is it different than the other pin, but it was bent as well the normal one is on the left the oddball on the right.....Anyone ever seen one like it? Seems like some kind of shade tree mechanic job **(*) LOL

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Another pic....Just because  )(/*

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Jim_Lusk said:
It's probably just an aftermarket piece.
Hmm never thought of that, what a pos if it is, actually 3/8" shorter and bent....The 34 year old original is still straight and useable LOL
Jim's right. look at this link about half way down or so P/N 34572. I just got my new set of front end tools today and noticed it in the catalog they sent me.

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