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OK first topic on brakes

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I am puting on small bolt pattern disc brakes on my Dart. Are the bearings and nuts the same for small and big bolt patterns or will I have to get small bolt pattern only hardware?
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Bearings are the same as are the spindle nuts and hardware. We ran into a problem with some dust caps that didn't fit well, though.

Great, because some of the parts stores around here have a hard time looking up discs for Darts. It might be easier to just say a later year. I can worry about the dustcaps later. Thanks Jim. As you can tell, I'm still gathering parts for the setup I bought from you.
How tough is it to rebuild the calipers? They got caught in a cellar flood and rusted up a bit. I dried then up as best I could at the time and sprayed them with WD40 but a little rust set in.
It's not to hard to rebuild the calipers, the most annoying parts is getting the dust seals in.
They aren't hard to rebuild. Bead blast them and make sure the seal groove is clean. Most of the calipers use the dust seal that must be installed before the piston. Use brake fluid to lubricate.

To get the pistons out, place a peace of 2 x 4 in the caliper, keep your fingers out of the way and use your air blower in the fitting for the brake line. The piston will pop out pretty fast. But like I said KEEP your fingers out of the way.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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