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Opions on possible hood scoop

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These are some pics of a Shaker setting on my hood. I would put this under a flat hood. I am just looking for some thought of what this would look like on an A body.
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looks cool to me. Definately unique lookin. give her a try
I like the hood that's on it now. Your hood looks sharp. But what do I know; I like steel wheels.

b569rr said:
I like the hood that's on it now. Your hood looks sharp.
What he said..
Find yourself a '73-'76 Dart Sport hood and see how it looks on that. They supposedly bolt right up to the '67-'69 Cudas and have a larger flat area in the center....May look pretty sharp with the Shaker scoop....Never know 'til ya try.....

this is always a good look

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Bill, the second gen GTX has allways had a special place in my heart. My first car was a 69GTX.
Duster 413, the 73 Dart sport hood is the same as a 69 Barracuda. Mine has a 68 front end on it. My thopught was to get a flat 67-68 hood from a fiberglass company and try this. Still torn not sure what to do. I just want something different than all the other stuff out there.
That shaker looks kind of out of proportion, compared to the one on the 66 in the pics.
I think it would look good with the flat hood. But then again I'm having the same idea for my 68 Dart. %) Where did you get that scoop any way? Anybody got a pic of one on a Dart.
I know I'm new, but the shaker just doesn't look right on your Cuda. There are other scoops which would look far better IMHO
Cary, I'm not sure about a shaker, but I'm working on something that may come out looking terrible or great. I'm planning on a scoop that bridges the buldges. As it turns out the 65-ish Mustang scoop is almost exactly the right size, so I have one of those. It will lose the line down the center and be cut to fit the Barracuda hood and then glassed in. The stock inserts will still be used or something custom. If I get the Barracuda convertible (shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh) I'm trying to acquire I'll try it.

Keystone is who makes the one I am using. A buddy on mine bought this one for his Jeep truck. This is the middle size one.

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guzzimike said:
b569rr said:
I like the hood that's on it now. Your hood looks sharp. 
What he said..
Car looks awesome as is.........But if you get a second bare hood..........Scoop it up ;D.......Would be like having a
weekend hat.....
Tht car looks too awsome to add that hood scoop. I have a 68 baracuda and I am trying to think of a way to raise the inserts slightly to make them functional. Keep the car as is or try another type scoop.
Dartracer, those are the scoops that I have for my 69 cuda. I got mine at a swap meet for cheap, since they had been butchered by someone drilling about 5 one inch holes through the face of each. I cut out the entire face plate and smoothed the edges to make them functional. I moved them about 4 1/2 inches forward on the hood, and drilled 4 inch holes, and used the 70 dart rubber seals to make it look stock. People will probably have to look twice to realize that it all isn't factory. I also have a weekend hat, a fiberglass hood I picked up from Chad that needs a scoop, in case I decide to get more serious about racing.
i think it would be cool but the scoop looks to small. i saw an early barracuda with a shaker, it looked really cool, ive also seen the yellow dart that joe posted.
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