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paint or undercoat???

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I can't decide whether to undercoat my dart or paint the underside. I love the looks of paint, but I'm not sure if it will hold up on a street car. I don't live on dirt road or anything, and I will probably never drive it on dirt, but I still don't know. What are some of you doing to your cars? thanks -Evan
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paint the underside....that way you can wax it and it will give you a lower drag coafficiant and make the car faster LOL
I used Por 15 on the bottom of my car...It's been on there for 10 years now, Street use and occasional drag racing...I put it up on the lift a few times a year to clean and polish the underside and wheel wells and it still looks good as new... :)
i can just see you under the car with your "swiffer duster" and a can of "Pledge" lol lol
Actually I have many tools I use to clean the underside of the car....I use a spray wax, and some wierd long handled paintbrushes that I have taped blue shop rags to so I can get into all the nooks and crannies that your hand can't reach...It looks very nice under my car...Next time we meet, I'll run you over so you can see for yourself AA..... LOL
YEAH...YEAH....YEAH... just bring that challengerthingamambobie here, i'll take a look at it. **(*) just be carefull when your looking at my pick-up, wouldn't want you to trip over the highly used wheely bars sticking out the rear %) lol lol
Why would you stick wheely bars on a Chebby? Oh yeah, to scare all the fast trucks... LOL...Unless maybe your gonna stick a Hemi in there? Then you better be puttin a set of dual chutes on it too.... -o
Why would anyone polish the bottom of a Camaro? Hell I wouldn't polish the top, cant polish a turd ctfgt

As for the question, Evan I'm doing Eastwood's Rust Encapsulator followed by their Chassis Black...
:'(...Sorry Evan...I'd paint it with a good product....
i just read on another topic about lizard skin looks interesting and i use rust bullet
My 68 GTS has over 160,000 miles and while there was some rust in the quarters, fenders, and rocker panels there was none on the original non-undercoated floor. This car spent two winters in Detroit (unsold) and then several in the salt air of San Francisco. I don't think I'd bother with undercoating on a fair weather car.

I painted the wife's cuda with semi flat POR15, It looks good
Ok, thanks - I'll probably go with undercoating or some por15 stuff. -Evan
I just asked because I've seen a lot of nice cars restored on a rotisserie and they look real nice with body color on the bottom - But I guess those are show cars? Is there any type of product you can paint over? -Evan
you can paint over por-15....just follow their instructions.
alright - thats probably what I'll do -Evan
I am planning on using LineX. I am also thinking about Lizzard skin.
I use a chip gaurd called U-pol. it has a textured finish but you can thin it out and it is alot smoother- and its fuly paintable- I do alot of truck boxes and I do all my inner fender wells with it- now I've got to decide wether to leave the inner fender black under caoted like original or paint it red. **(*)
i used spray on bed liner not to heavy and very durable

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I was thinking about using spray on bed liner to replace my vinyl top lol......... LOL
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