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paint sequence?

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How do you paint a car that would need jambs, trunk, engine bay....everything painted? shoudl the car be shot as a completed car? doors on, trunk lid on as well as hood?
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Well,my preference,if you have the room is to take off the hood and the deck lid and support them on horses so you can still paint them at the same time.I start from inside the engine bay and work my way out.right fender,door,door jamb,rocker,1/4 panel,right half of roof,trunk jamb,left half of roof follow down to finish left 1/4 panel,door, rocker,fender.Don't forget to hit any valance panels(front or rear)in the process.Seeing how the hood and trunk are detatched you can paint them anytime in the process.Don't forget all your nooks and crannies.Once you get that thing outside in the sun it will let you know if you missed anything.I prefer to paint my cars as a whole.Gives a nice uniform look and eliminates overspray.If you try to paint pieces here and there sometimes you will end up with color variation.But it's usually when using metallics and a whole bunch of blah blah blah.You get the point.I say do it all at once.When your done,your done!Oh forgot to mention.If you take the deck lid and hood off of course you wil lhave to spray the underneath ahead of time.Definitely easier if you don't have to open and close your hood and deck lid all the time,also better acess(nooks and crannies).Well hope this helps.Hope ya didn't fall asleep.
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something i learned is when you paint a part away from the vehicle,like a hood or fender it should be in the same position as it would be on the car.standing a hood on its side will give the paint a different look then if you were to paint it while level.
I 've never had a problem of that sort.But lots of things vary and if your not an experienced painter, it can definitely bite you.Pay close attention to air pressure and distance from the panel and you'll be ok.Good point STU it definitely helps with the consistency and uniformity.
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