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I need some opinions.  I am getting ready to paint the 69.  The guy that painted my other car (a Mustang) I think he sanded the base coat between each layer. He did not sand the final layer.

The shop where I bought the paint says - DO NOT sand between coats on the body color.  Only the sandable primer layers should be sanded and then the final clear coat.

Which is correct??  ???


This topic came up before and it actually turned rather heated... First of all can you sand base? Yes. Do you always need to? No. What are the reasons to sand base? Remove dirt nibs, and orange peel. Will the paint job turn out better? It can. If you sand the base and knock down the orange peel the clear will lay down better and will require less cut and buff. If you sand your base do you need to respray? No not always. If it is a solid color and you have plenty of color on you really do not need to reshoot color before you clear because you didnt change the color. You do need to reshoot a sanded area if it is a mettalic color. When you sand a mettalic you remove the mettalics hence changing the color or (flop) of the paint. As an experienced painter I suggest a newbie or beginer not attempt too much color sanding until you are ready for such tasks.
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