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Just bled my new disc brake system on the 69 GTS and don't have any real pedal pressure.
I don't think there's still air in the line but will bleed it again.

Question, I swapped over to the 73-76 BB Disc w/ BB 10" druims in the rear and used the brass 73-76 BB Disc prop valve.  I changed over to the 2 bolt aluminum master cylinder using an AR Engineering adapter.  Picked up a master cylinder at One Stop for an RWD 85 New Yorker . . .  I realized I probably should have called out a Diplomat.

Anyway, cars on jackstands and the disc and drums are working but the pedal is going way down and the pressure is way less than the conventional system w/ the 4 hole master.  I pump up the pedal about 10 times and I'm still not getting any resistance.

Any chance I could have gotten a FWD master by mistake?

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