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Hey guys.
I was wondering if anybody had pictures of A bodies (Mainly 70-72 Scamps, Dusters, Darts) with the flat black hood treatment. Like the option with the 340 across the hood. If the car has a vinyl top it would be even more helpful.

The reason is I have a 71 Scamp that is curious yellow w/black vinyl top. It has a fiberglass hood w/ a twin snorkel scoop. When I get the supercharged motor done I want a flat hood to make it look sleeperish. I was toying with the idea of the flat black hood with the cubic inch of the motor across it like the Dusters could have. I just don't know what it would look like with a vinyl top.

I am also thinking it may end up looking too much like my fathers car... (Lemon twist AAR)....Not that thats a bad thing.

Any help is appreciated.

ford ranger does share the small bolt patern, I had a set of ranger rims on my valiant for a bit, looked kinda sorta like centerlines
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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