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picture request

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Does any one have any pics of a dart with the inner fender weels removed, preferably in around the firewall, frame rails and rad support. Any pics will be vary helpfull. Thanks
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There are some cars in the feature area. There are some cars in there done.
I don't have the inner wheel wells removed but I do have everything else off the front of my 69. Here is one picture I have, hope it helps.

Ernie Knepp
[email protected]

[attachment deleted by admin]
I may have a couple in the disc where you can see the firewall etc. Don't have any fo the radiator support, because I removed that too.
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Ernie did you replace your upper inner wells?If so how did they fit and were did you get them? Thanks Darren
Yes, I did replace the upper part of the inner wheel wells. They didn't fit too bad, I had to modify a little but no more than normal for after market parts. I got them from Item number 24.
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