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Pinion angle for 4-link

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Ok guys, my brackets are opened up the dana 60 is mocked up
things are looking good so far. But I need more help (again)

What should I set my pinion angle with a 4-link?

What do you guys with the BIG hoursepower have yours set at?
Any good web sites dealing with setting up a 4-link for dummies?
I think the pinion angle should be zero, my buddy thinks 2-3 degrees.
I dont see how this thing can move or rotate with a 4-link.
but I have been wrong before....Thanks for all the help
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it depends...........but........usually 0 to 1 degree down just so the book readers don't disagree.
Anyways, weld both sets of brackets in the EXACT same places on the housing. The pinion angle will be set later with the top left bar, the two lower bars set the w.b axle centerline off the datum line and the upper right bar is for some adjustments to be discussed in a later class......4 Links 202
Thanks AA
Hurry up and write that book so I can buy the first copy!
Can you recommend any books to help a po old stupid dummy?
This is my first race car and I got a lot to learn. My buddy helping me
has several ladder bar cars and is more knolagable than me but this
is our first 4-link car.
thanks again at this very moment you are the man!
I'll agree with AAOutlaw, My chassis builder recomended 1* down for lower bar and 2* down on pinion angle. The only thing I've got to figure out still is how long the IC needs to be on my car, I'm sure it's much shorter than it needs to be given the wheelstands that I was having towards the end of the year. I just want a 1-2" wheelie for about 330' LOL
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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