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Pitman arms... egad

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Okay guys - I can't find any info on this...

I have two steering boxes and I put them side by side and noticed that the pitman arms were different. They both came out of '68-69 Barracudas... so I'm confused. Here's the part numbers on them. Is there any difference really? Must be something...

1) 2536080N16084 5 1
2) 14-263 (probably aftermarket?)

Thanks for any help you may provide -0*(
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as to moog 68-69 barracuda shows one k-7074 except 383, i think the streeing boxes are drifferent.
Thanks Taz - I was able to find the Moog numbers, but nothing crossed to the numbers I have. Wierd
Hey bud the box I gave you came out of a 73 Duster.
Ahhh... okay. Didn't know that...
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