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Call Them What You Will

These headers came about in the 70's, and were first sold, rumor has it, by Herb McCandless, and are still called McCandless Headers by many. They were then sold to Pro-Parts, who went out of business. They are now sold by Hensley Racing and Bob Mazzolini Racing, and are referred to as Pro-Parts headers. No matter what you call them, its a great design, allowing just about any combination. Most starters fit, power steering and brakes work as well.

Automotive tire Motor vehicle Hood Automotive lighting Vehicle

Automotive lighting Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive exterior Material property

In the two pics above, you can see the driver side layout pretty well. Two tubes exit into the fenderwell, and two run inside the frame. Power steering obviously works here, and it looks like a small brake booster would also work. The hole needed in the fender isn't as big as some other headers require. It does look like some sort of insulation should be slipped over the brake lines though.

Red Gas Tints and shades Paint Art

Brown Automotive tire Wood Motor vehicle Rim

On the left, the two tubes enter the fender and stay close the inner corner and then wrap right back under to meet the other two.

The owner of this car states that just about any size tire will work with them. On the right, T-bar clearance is good, and again, the owner says any starter will fit, and he installed his MP lightweight starter without taking anything apart. The use of a trans-blanket in place of a shield may be required though.

Hood Motor vehicle Automotive tire Automotive exterior Automotive fuel system

Paint Wood Art Gas Motor vehicle

The passenger side, as is usual with headers, is much simpler, and only one tube exits the fender. Clearance is good on this side, and the one tube exit the fender, and wraps neatly down the inside of the well and back under to meet the others. Below, you can see all the tubes come together along the trans pan to meet up with the slip-on collectors.

Vehicle Automotive lighting Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive fuel system

The two pics below are from a different car, but give you an idea of ground clearance with the collectors.

Wheel Tire Vehicle Automotive tire Hood

Automotive tire Motor vehicle Bumper Automotive exterior Automotive exhaust

All in all this is an excellent design, getting around most clearance problems with these cars. Price is around 400 and includes templates for cutting the fenderwells. I hope you found this useful, and, as always, comments are welcome.
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