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pushbutton S6-904 to SB?

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I heard that there were S6 904 to SB 904 adapter plates that true? cost? availabiltiy? I'd like to keep a S6-904 pushbutton mated to a SB. thx
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Haven't heard of any. Anybody know if you use a cable shifted 904 like came in a 65 with floor shift with the /6 puch button controls?
you found a site that has a push button converstion,,,for a non push button trans????? please e mail that to me,,,

im currenty loking for a 904 or 727 A cable shited trans,,,but wuld consider converting my 904 in my street rod,,,

[email protected] don,,,, thanks
found a Imperials club site....they sell a pushbutton conversion for $265.

man i knew someone sold that.. i'm gonna have to save some $$$ and buy one just to have for the future..
Yes, you can use a '65 cable shifted trans in a pushbutton car (but not the other way around, without some parts swapping).

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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