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how do you properly remove the wiper and headlight switches....and the shifter mechanism for a pushbutton trans? I don't feel like breaking anything taking it apart!

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#1get a manual-- has pics-- #2 allow time enough so you don't break anything

headlight switch--- shaft pulls out of housing-- must push in release button on the body of the switch-- may have to wiggle-- contort body to do this-- once shaft/knob assy-- out take off locknut-- assy should now come out

wiper switch -- much easier than headlight -- loosen locking nut that holds knob onto shaft-- once knob is off-- loosen lock nut holding switch to dash

p/button assy--loosen dash -gauge cluster-- take pics --if available-- remove p/brake cable assy--& springs--- check out assy-- you will see how the cables are attached---- shifter cable also has mounting collar-- remove it from the shifter assembly & then remove the assy-- cables should sta in the car--

Take your time-- come to Ks & i can show you -- Good Luck
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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