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Radials in Back, Bias-Ply in Front Good or Bad?

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I didnt think about it when I ordered my tires and wheels but I ended up getting M/T Drag Radials (325 / 50R15) for the back, and M/T Sportsmans for the front (26.0x7.5-15, Bias-Ply) Am I asking for trouble or is it ok for a street car? If it's bad, what size radial is comperable to these?

Ryan doh
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Generally mixing radials and bias plies is a no-no. The problem is you have totally different tire sizes and applications so I would probably e-mail MT and see what they say. -o
I've been told (by a tire shop) radials "grab" better than bias ply tires. I'm not taking this as gospel, but if it is true, then your combination would be better than the bias in back and radials up front. Maybe an expert on the subject will chime in. To answer your second question, a 185/65R/15 would be pretty close.
I ran gf roodrich ta radial 295/50/15 in back and bias skinnies from Sears that they said they sold for VW bettles. Had no problems. You just know that you are not driving the perfect setup. Skinnies cut through the standing water pretty good too. 0/
Bias ply tires in the front with with radials in the back can make the car a bit twitchy on the road. Bias ply track different then radials. Plus the M/T front runners have really soft side walls that will make handling ever worse.
i don't know how your combo would pan out but i can tell you from driving my buddies rr at the strip with bais slicks and radials up front i didn't do it a second time.  :eek:

Thanks guys, I'll email M/T and see what they say before I have them de-mounted. doh
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