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radiators check this out

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aluminum rads for $125
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the tech site is cool too! 0/
anyone care to comment on wether the RacePro crossflow would work for a street 71 BB auto Demon? or have any suggestions on an aluminum rad for My app.
don't by a be-cool if your engine makes any kind of horsepower.
don't buy a B Kool? or don't buy this one, but Buy a B Kool?
It's not that radical, .030 440, six pack solid cam, gear drive ross pistons 915's for now,
anything but!! lol i had my $550 be-cool infront of a 500 horse 440 and i couldn't drive the thing in traffic without it getting hot. it should have been called a be-HOT! i took the factory radaitor and had it re-cored and put it back in the car and now it never goes over 180. be-cools are a waste of money, i would recomend a griffen or howe if you realy need an aluminum radiator. and there cheeper!!
Too bad I don't have the $$ right now, I'll be looking to buy an aluminum rad in the next couple months...
So I guess these Northern brand aluminum radiators are not the "hot setup" huh? I haven't run a Be Kool, but they seem a little pricey to Me.
These guys are kind of high priced. I have been shoping for awhile.
Nothing wrong with a Northern brand rad. That's who makes Summits and Jegs rads. Lot's of guys using the 19x26" in big block A-bodies with good success.

Now Grrrrrrrrrrrriffin is another story. Stay away from them. Any rad with tubes epoxied to the tanks are junk, in my humble opinion.

I have three tubes in my Griffin damaged right next to the driver's side tank. Long story. But it can't be fixed. I took pics and sent them to griffin to ask if they would/could fix it, and they said no, but we will sell you another one. No thanks, I'll buy from someone else.

1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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