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Re-skinning a 67 Dart roof

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Has any one ever tried putting a new roof on a Dart? Looks to be hail damage under the vinyl
roof that has created small golf ball sized rusy bubbles under there.

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I doubt you'd see hail damage under the vinyl, more like water getting under the top and rusting away things. If the metal is still solid I'd Bondo the depressions with fiberglass bondo, get it smooth, paint it and put on a new vinyl top. The body work under a vinyl top doesn't have to be anywhere near perfect like on painted visible sheetmetal.
A good buddy of mine here replaced a roof on a 69 that had a lot of rust damage from a vinyl top. You just need to measure right and weld in good. It's work but it can be done right.
Re-skinning the top is no big deal.  We did this to my nephews 'Cuda, and just drilled out the spot welds.  Well, our body guy did most of the work while we stood there in!  The factory front and rear seams (on the front post and the rear quarter panel) are a good point to go down to if you can get a donor car with a roof section that good.
well it look as if I have a donor that has a great roof.
the fiberglass option sounds the easy way to go, but
I don't like vinyl tops. I have one on the Scamp(weres the barf smily?)
plus I want to paint it that real dark shade of black lol

the rust bubbles remind me of the Ernest scared stupid movie.

any pictures of one being done?

Not to steal this thread, but i am interested in this too. I actually have quite a few holes in my roof from the vinyl top and don't want too go back to vinyl.
We started to do a re roof from a doner car . I removed the front and rear glass, and the drip edge seam sealer then used a cutting wheel with the wheels doubled and ground out the spot welds in the drip edge and window channels. once it was loose around the perimiter, we lifted one side and worked with the seam sealer on the roof crossmembers ( like were the dome light is )and it popped free in one big piece. Did the same thing with the good car. Doner roof laid right back on . all we needed to do was spot weld the holes in and clean it up and re seam seal. We never finished it because we were going to roll cage it ! What a better time to install a cage then when the roof sheet metal is off.

If you can do quarter panels, you can do a re roof !

Thanks guys, glad to know other have had good results. I'll post some picture when I git-er-done.
Sounds better than i thought. I figured you would have to go at it like you were chopping a top. I didn't know they were spot welded on. Just need to find me a roof now.
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