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If you have an ongoing build, this is the place to post it all. It's best to make one post for yourself and continue adding info to it, so your stuff is all in the same post.

If you have a post already in the off-topic section, let a Mod know and we can move it over here for you.

NOTE - post attachments are occasionally cleaned out. It's best to post your photos in your gallery and link them here instead of using the attachments option.(For the website, it's more efficient, so the site runs faster if you use the gallery).
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Is linking from Photobucket ok? Or should we still put them in the gallery here?

dusterdarryl said:
does this mean I can list up my all Aussie 77 holden ute build up?

Please do !!! I love looking at other car models from across the board. Old Rat Rods, Motorcycles, and even boats. I just like looking at craftsmanship and people working to improve what they love...

1 - 2 of 41 Posts