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Rear Drum Brakes

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I'm planning on doing a rear brake job on my Coronet. While I am at it I might as well do a little upgrading if I can. I was thinking there was factory 11"x3" setup out there. I was wondering what the interchagability of Mopar rear drum brakes was like. I thought I had some information on this somewhere but I can't find it for the life of me. Are all drum brakes on 8 3/4" rear ends interchangable or is it body/year specific. Basically I have a 1966 Dodge Coronet with what I believe is its factory original rear end housing that currently has 10x2 1/2" drums. If I just rebuild what I have I will probably have to get new drums anyway so the cost of new drums is irrelevent. I hoping a trip to the salvage yard might turn up some decent backing plates if I knew what I was looking for. Also I would like to retain my factory park or e-brake. Thanks!
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This link to Moparts has some interchange information and mentions the 11x3" brakes found on C & D bodies.
Not really enough information to determine what is involved to make the swap if possible.
All 4.5" wheel pattern brakes are interchangeable, IF you match backing plates to drums.

Thanks Jim ;D I was going to do some hunting yesterday but, I called my favorite salvage and the told me they crushed alot of their older stuff. I was thinking initially about 11x3's but I think 11x2 1/2s will be easier to find and procure replacement parts for.
Rock Auto Supply is a mail order place that has alot of older Mopar parts that the regular local guys don't have.
Thanks! I will keep them in mind when I find some backing plates.
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