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Hi : Anyone have an opinion on rear shock manufacturers?

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Rear Shock Mfgr. POLL

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Hi : Anyone have an opinion on rear shock manufacturers?? I`m looking to get a set of dual adjustable units (non-coil-over) for my Dart Racecar project and was wondering who to go with ?
? ? Chryco? ???

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Talk to bill about the Afco's, they maybe not the best, but i think they are the best buy for your money. They are really a very nice shock that has the quality of something much more expensive.

My vote's for Afco's on a racecar. Some of the high-end $450 Konis are better, there are others like Penske - but these are really on the top shelf for serious teams. Don't use Aldan's if possible. They still use the old Gabriel innards - Basically, cheap junk street rod shocks.

Strange and Varishock are both knock-off's of the QA1 - but they do all work nice - one thing to keep in mind - The AFCO's, on top of being double adjustable, use circle track-style valving, so you can revalve(or have it done) anyway you want to - if you get REALLY picky.

QA1's can not be customized internally, but they're a good shock for all but Warren Johnson :)

The difference is the AFCO's are $349ea and the QA1 doubles are about $70 cheaper a piece.
My car is for the street and handleing but I went with Edelbrock performer's I will let you know hpw they do when the road.
I have Rancho's on my Dart.
I have always used KYB shocks. Good and cheap.
I run Strange dbl ajustable on the rear and Koni single adjustable on the front. So far the combination seems to work 8)
I have AVO coilovers, front and back on mine. Never had to change them , YET.........
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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