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Rear Shock Settings

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Hi All !
  Still pluggin' away on the ole Dart . I finally got my Afco dual adjustable shocks installed ( thanks Bill ! ) and was wondering which way to go with the initial settings.  I think they should be set up hard  (50/50).  The car still has leaf springs with axle floaters and ladder bars (3 link).  Just what to get them in the ball park before I let the transbrake out and hit em' with 750 ft.lbs of RBRE Hemi torque ! Help / suggestions welcome .
      Chryco ;)

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I would start at a 50/50 setting. All things being considered unknown at this point with track conditions and how your cars pieces and parts are going to all work together that's where I would do the initial runs and then start going one way or the other.

when I put the new QA1 single adjustable's in mine I started out dead center on the adjustment and started moving up in stiffness, and the 60ft's got worse, so I started to work down untill the 60's were at their best, it ended up being 4 click's from dead soft or 2 clicks down from center. santa4
[]{} start in the middle.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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