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rear wheel well Q

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72 dart
I just had my rear springs moved in to the frame rails and also had the rear centered in the wheel opening.
the question is what to do about the wheel wells? if i widen them out I will also have to make them longer. if I use a tub kit I will lose the trunk prop rods. but I could fab up some shock type prop s for each side like new cars have. what do you think? the tubs will be easir I think
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Why will you have to make them longer if you widen them?
Why would you have to make them longer? Follow the tech pages. Thanks BBD 0/


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[]{} check out thetech pages or the pics on my site, not that hard...
depends how much you moved your axle back, wether you will have to make them longer or not.
the rear was moverd back about 2-2.5 inches just enough to center the wheel in the opening. I had a chassis shop move the rear and springs I was going to do the wheel wells myself. I will take some pics of the car when I get it home and actually get some measurements. thanks
what size tire? i was looking under my 67 after i put the rear in and put the wheels on. if the suspension actually hit the rear bumpstops, my 28" tires would rup on my wheel wells too. i have 29"s on my 69 and they never rub, i never even noticed how little room there is in the rear of the wheel well. i f you are going to run a tall tier, i would just go with a tub and place it where you want it. im going to make my own tubs for my 67.
I still haven't discided on the wheel and tire combo yet. we will see. I would like to put as much tire under it as posible. I am still leaning tyowards just puitting in the tubs myself. looks like less work than sectioning the tubs twice. I just think the stock tubs look a little nicer.
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