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Removing a vinyl top the correct way

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So I'm getting a '71 Dart this weekend, and it has a badly messed up vinyl top. How do I remove it the correct way? Please describe your methods. Thanks a lot! BBD
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Top removal techniques...

1. Place top between your fingers.
2. Grasp with fingers applying death grip.
3. Pull top in one direction removing top using all your might.
4. Take short break for one beer.
5. Continue and repeat steps 1-4 until top is completely removed.
6. Gasoline works best for removing the top adheisive. It actually works better than any adheisive remover.
7. Be aware the car may have little or no paint under the old top. Most likely just a grey primer.
8. May have little or no sheet metal under the old top.
If your top is anything like the one on my old Charger, you'll be pulling off chunks of the roof along with the top. It's always easier when there's nothing but rust under there... ;D
9. If that fails, make an incision along the front upper windshield molding. Drive at least 80 mph on the freeway and it should come right off. lol

Sorry, I couldn't help it. This actually happened to me on the freeway. A little embarassing. )(/*

LOL! Thanks for the great advice guys! Now I know that I did everything perfect the first time! I love this site...*sigh*
When I got my 66 Barracuda I peeled off most of the vinyl top to drive it home safely. **(*)

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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