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If the needed repair is a  very deep scratch or a dent involving a crease or raised line it's best left to a professional.  If your trying to remove light scratches or dents get an old piece of junk and spend time on it..if the piece is anodized you'll have to strip it first.  small dents are best removed by using only your finger tips and take your time most trim pieces are very thin and soft ..hammers and such are the very last resort as they can do more damage quickly than you had.  light scratches i remove using wet dry sandpaper the same as you would on a paint job. same rules apply if you can see the scratch after its sanded you will see it when its polished.  Polish only by hand you should have ended the sanding with 1500 or 2000 paper so its very easy to do by hand and the results will suprise you.  Buffing machines can burn aluminum to the point you have to start yourself a favor sand to perfection and hand polish..  I have finished the trim on my GTS to the point that most people think its chrome plate.  But thats probally more than you want on a race car..
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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