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I am rebuilding a 69 GTS 383 car. Can anybody point me to a good reference guide on factory colors.? I need help on what color to paint the suspension parts for instance.? Control Arms, Sway Bar, Torsion Bars, etc.

It is a complete rebuild. Right now the car is completely disassembled and I am fixing the butcher job someone else did earlier. When I cut out the lower rear quarters (due to rust/bondo) I found Sprayed in Foam, Cardboard and scrap pieces of metal under the bondo.? <):

So far I have replaced the Front floors, Upper front inner fenders, Drivers side rocker panel, and am working on - Both Rear Quarters, the entire trunk, and have holes to fix around the rear window.

BUT, It should be great when it's done.? 8)

Also, can anybody advise me on whether it makes sense to put fiberglass fenders on the car, and who makes good ones?

Thanks tnku
Ernie Knepp
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I do not have a manual on A bodies, only B bodies although my '67 Dart seems to coincide with my B body manual.

Torsion bars and control arms are 30 deg. gloss black. Ball joints, center link, steering box and sway bars are to be painted 30 deg. stainless steel which tells me they were not painted. Factory Monroe shocks (look at build sheet) 30 deg. bright yellow. All other shocks 30 deg. gloss black. Rear springs were both unpainted and painted 30 deg. gloss black. U bolts and shackles were unpainted. Use 30 deg. stainless steel paint to give it the unpainted look.

Any GTS specific questions can also be asked at the GTS registry. I don't have the info handy as I only communicate throuigh the e-mail system. Where's Rhinodart when you need him?

My advise join the GTS REGISTRY and BOARD lots of info on what you need.  Can I ask why you are considering fiberglass fenders?  If your going to go to all the trouble of a full correct restore I would stick with the steel ones.

Paul A. Herd is the author of e body resto manual and he also has one on b body cars. I have them and they are worth their weight in gold. I follow the same guide lines on my A body stuff. Good luck on your project.
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