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Ride height

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Hello all,
I was wondering what is the correct way to measure right height in the front and rear also, does anyone know what the factory ride height is on a 69 dart with a /6 ? Im curious beacuse my k-member bottoms out on everything even the little tire stoppers blocks in parking lots doh . So any info would be appreciated thanks a lot.
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The factory measured ride height in a wierd way (to me anyway). It was the difference to the ground from two points (the end of the lower control arm and below the pivot point on the LCA). I try to put about an inch between the LCA bumper and the frame rail. It doesn't surprise me that you are bottoming out with /6 torsion bars.

1968-69 all height is 2 1/8th + or - 1/8th inch

To set ride height:
1. Jounce car several times release it on its downwards motion
2.Be sure all foreign material is cleaned from both the adjusting blades andthe steering knuckles.
3.Take first measurement "A" from the lowest point of the adjusting blade to the floor. Then measurement "B" from the lowest point of the steering knuckle arm to the floor. ( do one side of car at a time )
4.The difference between A and B is the front suspension height. NOTE "A" should always be higher than "B"
Anything else feel free to ask.
Now you see why I like my method......................

another thing you could do is what I did scrap the torsion bar suspension and go with the best a RMS alterktion!!!

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Alright as long as its not suprising you B.B.D. god ha ha ;D I'll see how she acts with some bigger ones thanks for your help! tnku
what size tires do you have on it? if you have little tires, the k frame will be low to the ground.
Umm not sure... stock? )(/* I also think my dead shocks and sloppy suspension would play a key part in it, but I was just curious on factory ride height.
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