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Roadracer A bodies, whats your secret?

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I started a thread in the early A car forum, but wanted to see what the guys in the "overweight" A bodies are running on the road courses (ducking and running ctfgt). ;D what kind of chassis mods have you done besides standard frame connectors/cage? K member mods? Panhard bars? Sliders? As small a mod as they may be, post'em up. I'm interested to see -o

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Mopax is an excellent group. No bull there - just some good guys with good knowledge on the subject.
Do you get any spam or BS mail signing up there?
I don't get any, no - surprising, considering it's Yahoo.
440Fish said:
Go here, One of the only all mopar road-racer, auto-x on the web...
Sweet. Thats what Iv'e been looking for. Iv'e been considering going that direction for a while now.
Mopax isn't listed in the Yahell the spammers can't find it! ('course neither can anybody else unless they find a link...)


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Alan used to be fairly active there, but he hasn't had a good internet connection in quite some time.

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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