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roll bar rules?

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Getting ready to install my  new Comp engineering roll bar and in checking with the NHRA rulebook it states "the bar must extend 3 inches above the driver's helmet."  Now, I'm 6'2" and my head isn't three inches from the roof of the dart.  I'd have to sit on the floor to get the bar three inches from my head w/o a helmet!  So, I guess I have to make the roof taller to pass tech ;)  But seriously, what is the deal with this rule?

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if it's just a roll bar or an 8 to 12 point kit in a standard door car they just like it to be mounted as high in the body as practicable to meet the spirit of the rules. But any National event caliber tech inspector wants to see the 3 inches in a full tube chassis car for safety issues due to fiberglass bodies...etc and they also know any savy chassis builder will ALWAYS try to shave a few inches of tubing here or there for weight reduction. When it comes to saving weight on pro stock or fuel cars it's insane the money people will spend to get a few ounces or pounds off in one place so they can add it in others where it is needed for chassis tuning.
For roll bar height lets take a look at NHRA stock eliminator rules.

1. stock seats must be used
2. headliner must be installed

The roll bar main hoop needs to be installed as close to the headliner as possible,with the roll bar padding. What else can you do?
The side diagonal bars are supposed to be installed midway between your shoulder and your elbow, but to be practical the bars end up being installed alot closer to the elbow, low enough to be able to get in and out of the car!

I think tech inspection understands the limitations here, if the work is good quality, thats what counts.
Tech will always catch the welding on the rear down bars, it MUST be welded all the way around and they don't care how you "Git Er Dun".
Speaking of rear struts, do they have to be at the 30 degree angle specified in general rules? If so, then mine aren't going to make it to the trunk, that puts them at about 25 degrees.

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