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I am new to this group and glad I found this site, I have been looking through the posts and have already found a ton of info.
I have a 70 Challenger that I am slowly putting together. The roof had some rust through spots, and dents, thin metal etc. It really is a candidate for a re-skin and I was looking for one all last year but could not find one.
Over the Summer I went ahead and fiberglassed the roof working slowly and building it up in layers. It looks good and I am going to be putting a vinyl top on.

My question is has anyone else out there done this and will it hold up in the long run or should I re-skin the roof ?

I might have a line on a good donor roof I will know tomorrow.

If the fiberglass isnt going to be a problem I may just leave it.

thoughts ?

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If you can get a good new roof now do it. Expect to pay dearly for it as a separate piece. Otherwise if the job you did on it will look good for a few years just leave it untill the whole new roofs come on the market. They will.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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