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Rusty Wheel Studs

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i'm using the extended length wheel studs front and rear with open ended lugnuts on my dart and they are rusting up real bad. It looks like total hell when i've got a clean car with shined up wheels and rusty lookin studs hanging through my chrome lugnuts. Anyone know a way to keep them from rusting?
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A lite coat of oil will do the trick.  It makes them come off easier too if you like to swap to your slicks at the track.
Clean theme good and then spray with WD40. It will only work as good as you clean the studs.
i'll try a thin layer of oil and see what happens, thanks guys.
might try a little wax or door hinge lube that comes in a stick. napa has it
paint them with red locktight %) lol lol lol
AntiSeize , a couple companies make it, locktight, ZEP, ect.
it works great, I use it on my long studs.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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