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sanded new paint

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scary to do , but wet sanded new paint

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I did that a couple months ago on my old daily driver. I shot the base and clear on and then did my cutting and buffing on the clear. It was my first time doing this procedure and I got a little worried about it. But then after buffing, it looked great.
What type of paint and how long did you let it sit?
inexpensive paint..ppg (omni).. shot paint one day, clear the second day and next afternoon started sanding clear
that's what i iid to my door we shot paint and clear the same ay and then i think it was maybe a day or two later we wet sanded with umm 4k grit sand paper if i can rememebr correctly. and then we buffed using some 3M stuff i think it was buffing compound for after fresh paint is slapped down.

don't hold me to what the 3m stuff is called. but that's what ur supposed 2 do from what i understand
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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