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Sanding tools "need help"

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Does any one make a electric da sander. I am stripping my dart, and my 5 hp air compressor just is not enough. any advice? Thanks Darren
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Re: Sanding tools

i used one for a long time. you can get them anywhere, like lowes, home depot, etc. it worked just as good as the air sander i just got. one thing i noticed - it electric one makes more of a mess, because it blows the dust out a vent.
Re: Sanding tools

I have A 7" grinder that has a 8500 rpm out put. I can install a 6" sanding pad on the grinder, and use a 6" 80 grit pad on it. Have any of you guys sanded a car with this setup? Or is this to high output? Thanks DDarren.
Youwant the dual-action (rotation with oscillation). This keeps you from sanding one area too much.

I believe black and decker makes an electric unit, check it out online or google it.
Might I suggest sandblasting with soft media. By the time ya pay for an electric and the dustless pad and sanding disks......about the same cost of soft media sandblast.....Mine cost ne 200.00 and it was clean to metal
It cost you 200.00 to get your car blasted, or for the sandblaster? Darren
I'm curious about what kind of sander you got for $200. I've been thinking that media blasting would be the way to go and I'd be stoked to find an inexpensive unit.
J.C. Whitney has blasters pretty cheap, but I'm not sure of the quality. ;)
5 horse should be fine if tank is big enough. I have a 5 hp cambell husfield, a $150 walmart clearance special and I was about to give up then figured out that bigger hose diameter = more cfm worked when i went from 5/16 to 3/8.......
Darren said:
It cost you 200.00 to get your car blasted, or for the sandblaster? Darren
My orbital cost me 139.99 and the dustless pad was 32.00 and 3 packs of paper was 8.99 each.

My Orbital Air was 329.99 but it was top of the line not a import like CH or the cheapies ya get from harbor freight. Anyhting air consumes volumn like crazy. I have a commericial vertical 12 horse 220v dual piston that at times has to run constantly to keep up at 35CFM to run the air tools.

Media Balting(soft media) at "Soft Strip" a company here in Wichita charged me 200.00 to take my camaro down to pure metal and it was "super clean" as if it was acid dipped.

thats why I recommended considering soft media sand blasting. Take it to them have it done, let them clean the mess and bring home a clean car!
I would if I could but there is now one arouind here who does it. Darren
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