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Schumacher 440 TriYs convert to 833

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As most of you know, Schumacher TriYs are awesome. I have a set. However, the tiny print is they only fit AUTOMATICS. Passenger side is fine, Drivers side smucks into the Z bar however. There are a few blips and bits on converting or turning the collector to clear the Z bar but nothing definitive… anyone done this or should I just dump them and drop $1200+ and get TTIs? …sigh
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one alternative I have seen used will likely be way less spendy than a set of new TTI's.
Go to a hydraulic clutch system as is used in many more modern vehicles. you get to keep the Schu's and likely have a far better feel than a mechanical Z-bar set up.

(my humble opinion)

I'll second the hydraulic throw out bearing setup. We put one in my son's Dart, but have yet to drive it or even test it. Too many other things going on.
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