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Showhorn or B.F.H.???

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Like I saw somewhere (???) "If it don't fit, FORCE IT!!!
I really like the look of A-B Joe's big block, those headers are RAD! BUT I don't want to cut my fenders! Jerkyl said he didn't do that, and Gunnar's method of ditching the stock steering and building log manifolds is way cool. How did ya do it, Jerkyl? I hadn't thought of using steering cables, but that's how it was in my dad's boat. Actually, I think he's got a plan, but I wonder about the bump steer phenomenon I've read about.
I am also curious about those log manifolds. I noticed them on a pic of a "new HEMI" and wondered, but Gunnar's got BIG ones (Pipes, that is) . How will the flow through them compare to headers? No doubt more will be revealed, and I'm watching.
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You can always fabricate a steering column with u-joints to clear exhaust. I have seen one 66 Valiant with a 400 and an OD 833. They used b-body HP manifolds and while everything was tight, it fit.

You can buy a good set of headers, ban saw the flange off. Then make the change so it fits weld it back. The custome car guys do this all the time.
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