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Hello everyone. I've posted this in another forum here but I thought it made sense to post it here too.
Do you guys have any suggestions of artists that compose their music, sing their music, and play their music? I'm looking for something quite specific. Only singer-songwriters who play the piano or keyboards, especially the piano. No guitar players, etc.
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I especially like artists that are not too commercial or super mainstream and famous, so no Alicia Keys or John Legend or even Carol King please. I don't mind artists that sell quite well, but they need to still be a bit alternative, like Tori Amos. In fact, Tori Amos is my favourite musician ever, and that's the type of musician I'm looking for, together with smaller indie piano-playing singer-songwriters.

So, here's my contribution in case you're also looking for artists of this type. Sometimes the artists I mention play more than one instrument, but if they're listed here it's because a good portion of their work involves the piano or keyboards. I also mention at least one song by such artists for you to listen to.

-Tori Amos (Songs: Winter, Ruby Through The Looking Glass, Oysters)
-Kate Bush (Song: The Kick Inside, Lake Tahoe)
-Sarah Slean (Song: Napoleon, The Cosmic Ballet, The Devil And The Dove)
-Loreena Mckennitt (Song: The Old Ways, Caravanserai)
-Lauren Aquilina (Song: King, Sinners)
-Agnes Obel (Song: Riverside, Fuel To Fire)
-Antony and the Johsons (Song: Hope There's Someone, Spiralling)
-Joanna Newsom (Song: Soft As Chalk, Good Intentions Paving Company. She's a great harp player too, check her song "81")
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-Steve Adey (Song: Laughing)
-Tom Hickox (Song: The Pretty Pride Of Russia, Let Me Be Your Lover)
-Birdy (Songs: Sillouette, Save Yourself)
-A Fine Frenzy (Song: Almost Lover)
-Joni Mitchell (Song: River, Blue)
-Phildel (Song: Dare, Switchblade)
-Aurora (Song: Runaway, Through The Eyes Of A Child. I'm well aware that most of her work is keyboard driven, however she writes her music and plays the piano and keyboards in the studio, not really live though)
-Regina Spektor (Song: Blue Lips, How)
-Sóley (Song: Pretty Face)
-Dillon (Song: Thirteen Thirtyfive)
-Fiona Apple (Song: Not About Love)
-Rufus Wainwright (Song: Going To A Town)
-Frances (Song: Grow)
-Bat For Lashes (Song: Moon And Moon. She uses many other instruments too and quite a bit of her work sounds a bit too electronic for me)

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