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Slicks are installed (pics)

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Finally got the rims painted, and got the slicks installed.  I am really happy with the fit on the car.  One step closer to finishing. -o

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Time to run.
Looks great man! Is that a spacer between the rear end and leaf springs?

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Looks real good and they fit great ! Ron
Thanks guys. I wanted a short tire to help the gear ratio at the track. They are 8.0/27x15's, but they are actually only 26.5 tall and measure almost a full 9 inches across the tread. Should be plenty of tire for my combo. Ryan, those are 4 degree shims I used to drop the pinion angle with the super stock springs. Yeah I can't wait for the first burnout, but it is still below zero here, so that will have to wait a few months. 0/
It might be cold here Dave, but the roads are clear .  Come on , back her out into the street and light em up  ;D. The neighbours are probably expecting it . And yep , I agree it lookin sweet ! Gonna get up there in a couple of weeks and have a look and listen to her.

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Looks great. Man I love steel wheels! -o

Brakes and steering still aren't hooked up Dave. That would make for ONE interesting burnout ::) It should look good at Cayuga, with 2 stock looking cuda's with steelies (and big blocks under the hood) in the 12's. I am looking forward to the heads up run 0/
Me too ! Not so sure about the 12's for me though. Not with this motor, maybe, but not sure. First thing I have to do in the spring is figure out if I have a cracked cyl head ? All that steam is coming from somewhere........... If so , then what do I do ? Put the stock 906's on , which will be a pain in the arse to do . Probably be easier to just change motors. o[ doh I am very stressed over this problem at the moment... :'(
Don't stress too much Dave, it still could be a head gasket or something simple. I do know what you mean about not wanting to take the heads off. I only have to replace the header gaskets, and I'm not looking forward to it.
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