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Anyone running the sliders on the rear leafs instead of the shackles? If so how are they doing, any comments are appreciated.

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If it don't rain all week here again I'll be installing them on my 67 Valiant this week. Everything I have read on them so far is good as long as you keep them lubed up reg.
i also am planing on installing them i got a set from bill last year and never got to install them yet
Anybody have a picture of the sliders, or a link to them. I have never seen them. Thanks.
Thanks for pictures and info....
I had aset on my 70 challenger back a few years ago not impressed with them.
When I got them it was supposed to help with spring rap. Mine had ladder bars and sliders. I think you should just go ahead and do ladder bars or 4 link.
Cary are you talking about ladder bars and leaf springs?
abodyjoe said:
whar are they actually suposed to do??
I don't know about the other guys, but I'm considering them because they will slightly lower the car. I need all the help I can get in that area.
The sliders help let the springs exstend all the way to plant the tires to the gruond. Just need long enough shocks that dont hold back the springs from exstening. They work well with my ss springs and the car sits lower at rest! -o
oh ok... cool.. i've seen them but didn't know what they used them for.. thanks.
Dustpan, Mine basically was a ladderbar system and insted of coilovers it used the leaf system.
I would say that was your biggest problem Cary. All the builders and suspension guys I've talked with say go with one or the other, but not together. The springs defeat the workings of the ladder bars and the ladder bars bind and mess with the functions of the springs. Not a good set-up. o[
Thast not true the rear floats on the springs. They just take the place of the coil springs. The front of the spring is what raps up.
Cary, I'll look around for some of the info on them that I'm talking about. All the places that make or sell them seem to say that they are good, but most guys that have used them or build rear set-ups don't recommend them. Coil-overs and ladder bars are a better way to go. I would also say that for a car that is going to see much street time that you shouldn't go with ladder bars. There is not enough twisting movement allowed in the rear-end. They are made for straight line use. For a street car you need to have a good amount of up and down and twisting movement to the rear-end.
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