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Spitfire install pix for early A's

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Well heres the 360, all tunnel rammed up and no where to go... those manifolds are my weak link.....

the 1 7/8 pipes go to 2" after they get throught the tight a - body suspension

here they are side by side...

The drives side slides in without a hitch - well i had to pull the colum to get the manifold off anyway! ;D

THe collector dumps right after the starter, and it is not captured by it at all.

tha passenger side has to have the 90 degree filter set with the filter at 3 oclock ( standing on the pass side)
other then that they drop right in also, no lifting the motor...etc

It figures that the column shift hits the last tube completely.... ? cant ding in a whole friggin tube? cut the column and add 3/4 inch!

( it took me awhile to grow a set and cut it tho... ;D)

no goin back now... is there?

with a little help from A-Body Joe we get it fit up and streight!

here it is mocked up... the 3/4 inch made alot of difference!, and I cant notice the wheel 3/4 of an inch closer...

all welded up... good thing i just replaced the bearing...

All blasted and ready to go!

here they are with powder, Eastwoods hi temp powder... silver

"honey... the manifolds done..."
sittin next to the cast iron powder from eastwood also...

ta da...

In the car!

Next is exhaust cutouts.. so I made up a template to fishmouth the 2 1/2" dumps...

ready to be welded up..

Now I just need about 1 foot of 2 1/2" pipe bent and I am good to go!
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Thats looks sweet,great job Larry
Looks great.

Very nice indeed.
real professional job.

hey I just got the new Mopar muscle mag and I seen your car in the shot out. looks like it was running pritty good but dosent it have a lil more. I seen the pics and I started thinking ive seen this car befor, and there it was in my mag lol. nics work.
yup that would be djvcudas car in the mopar muscle... they wouldn't let him uncap the echaust at e-town that day so the car was running a little slower then usual... three days later at atco raceway he went 12.80... and last thursday we rented atco raceway for the day and he was turning in the 12.90's with a trans on the way out....
OOOhhhh yeahhh!

The legendary Spitfire headers - I got mine on August 21st. Now all I've gotta do is lose the power steering, relocate the oil filter and fabricate the headpipes and dumps.

[attachment deleted by admin]
heres a shot from underneath...

not the most free flowing thru the mufflers, as I pick up about 1/2 secong opening the caps, but its 2" pipe after the mufflers.

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That's EXACTLY the photo I needed!!! It's also exactly what I had in mind for mine! Thank you!
You are a very talented man. GREAT WORK.
jersey boyz got it goin on ;D
Those pics are great! Nice ride keep up the good work. Thanks for sharing, you have given me an idea for my own set-up.
looks good! If i knew how to send a pic i'd show you my headers! ;)
What are the BEST gaskets to use with these headers?
I ordered my headers from Harold.

Now,..........Ceramic coating or paint? Should I use Locking Safety Bolts on the headers?

Suggestions?  Locations? Costs?

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