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Spring relocation issue questions

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OK- Im finally gonna do my spring relocation today. The big question is- in seeing that the major tire fitment problem ultimately becomes the front lower fender lip- could I just move the front spring eye holes back a half to one inch, ultimately lengthening the wheelbase?? What kind of clearance do I have from the rear (8.75 to the stock gas tank). Im asking because I still have the 7.25 and wont have the 8.75 for a month ($$$). So does anyone have their 8.75 equipped Dart with a stock tank on jackstands right now so they could take a look-see/measurement right now??
Ill start cutting in a couple hours, so any informed help ASAP would be greatly appreciated...
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Thanks guys- 3/4 it is...   I just wish I had the right axle, wheels and tires so I could enjoy all the work that Im doing this weekend.    Oh well- by the time I get all of that stuff maybe Ill have the mini-tubs done too(???) 
 So is anyone gonna need a 2.69 geared relocated-perch 7.25 axle?? LOL LOL
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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