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Stahl Headers

Pictured below are the big ones...The 2 1/8" x 38" Stahl Fenderwell headers. At around $1000 a set, they're not cheap, but they're as good as it gets from a performance perspective.

Motor vehicle Vehicle Electrical wiring Automotive exterior Gas

Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive design Car Vehicle

As you can see, assuming the fenderwells were still here, theres a bit of cutting involved to get 'em in. Also note that one tube on each side (#7 & #8) is routed under the car. The modified #3 tube on this car was due to the master cylinder and brake lines, but the owner says it was only because of the master he chose to use.

Motor vehicle Automotive tire Automotive design Automotive exhaust Automotive exterior

Automotive tire Bicycle tire Wheel Tire Motor vehicle

This is the view if you're the driver side tire :) You can see clearance and access to most parts are good, and also where the #7 tube rejoins the other three.

Automotive tire Hood Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive design

Automotive tire Motor vehicle Vehicle Automotive design Bumper

The above pics show how close these monsters come to everything. They do fit however. Also you can see how the #8 tube wraps around the frame and rejoins the bunch.

Tire Car Vehicle Wheel Automotive tire

Automotive tire Automotive parking light Automotive lighting Synthetic rubber Automotive exhaust

As you can see, the theme of this car is "BIG". BIG exhaust runs right down the rocker edge. And check out the BIG oil pan :)

Another good pic of the #8 tube under the frame. So there ya have it, mega headers for a mega motor. Of course, it's up to you to decide if your own motor is mega-enough for such big tubes.
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