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Staright Axle Conversion

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I was wondering if there are any good sites out there that go over a straight axle conversion and what exactly is needed for the swap as far as parts and wherre to get them. I just bought a 66 dart GT for 100 bucks and was gonna go with a big block and powerglide. It's only going to be used for racing and thought it would be really cool with a straight axle. Any links or suggestions would be awseome. Thanks
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I dont know of any sites, but street rod type places might be able to get you an axle and leaf springs.

Actually, try this site, no direct info on straight axles, but im sure someone there can help--

I love gasser stuff, this sounds neat. I'd personally do a modern day gasser--procharger blower, tub and ladder bar the back, make your own fenderwell headers for the right look, etc

Speedway makes what you need. I have'nt seen their catalog in awhile. They make straight axles for the custom/ altered jobs.
In the day, Dodge A100 van straight axles were used by some teams.
1964 to '69 or so were all leaf spring forged beam type.
How available are the 64-69 dodge A100 vans? Thanks for the help guys!
I'm going this route with the '50 - get a Speedway catalog - I deal with alot of chassis places and I could make stuff, but I'm getting a speedway kit instead - I can't find any way easier or cheaper way to go than just get everything right from them.

The only thing I need to figure out is which spindle to use - there's an early ford one and an early chevy one, and the axle is different for each - I'm not sure what the benefits of each are yet.
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