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steering box slop

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i just completly rebuilt my front end and added 4 piston 72 dart brakes and it drives and stops awsome but there is still a bit of slop coming from my steering box is there a way to adjust it to get rid of the slop? isnt there a screw on the side of the box?
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there is a adjustment screw on the box for the "worm" part of the gear. Screw driver slotted and a nut. It wont offer alot but some. I;d also say that check the lube in it. You can go to 90-130 wt and it helps alco if you already dont have it in there.

You can send them off for rebuild, but costs as much as a new one
that steering slop is quite annoying.

As Midnight says, that adjustment on the steering box won't make a big difference. I found that the pitman arm on my car was the big culprit. The ball was so loose that when steered in either direction the arm would move close to an inch before the steering linkage started to move.

have someone turn the steering wheel back and forth while you watch the pitman arm. see how much the arm moves before the inkage does.
when you tighten the adjustment, you need to have the box input centered and wiggle the input in both directions while you tighten. otherwise, you may tighten down onto one side of the high spot and be able to turn in just one direction.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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