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Steering Column

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I'm looking for the bearing at top lf the steering shaft, and there are three plastic bushings that that mount the steering column up under the dash. Does anyone know where I could find them parts? have my steering column apart rebuilding it and trying to locate thoses items. Thanks Steve
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jet-taz said:
cancelling cam  mopar p/n 2880829  $120.00
Holy crap, MOPAR is rippin' people off on that item if that's what they're asking for them.  It has been a few years, but I used to get those from my local parts store for like $20 and I know I've seen them cheaper than that on ebay.

I know I'm cheap, but that's just insane for there to be that much mark up just because it comes in a pretty package that says MOPAR.  I mean come on; it's a molded piece of plastic, not a camshaft.  doh I guess I need to get into the plastic parts business. **(*)
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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