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Stock A body leaf count

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on my 75 4 dr., stock I have 5 leafs. Its a stripped version, plane jane, rubber matter S6 car.... I thought 4 was reg. duty. does it vary by year?
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I guess the 4dr came with 5 do to the extra weight torwards the back with the extra doors, i have a 75 2dr and it came with 4 leaf, i'm surprized there still in decent shape trying to hold that heavy ass bumper out back lol, i'm still useing mine, i went with some SS springs, then i put the original 4 leaf back in with some caltracs, the F&R bumpers are fiberglass now.

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It varies by options. There were some packages that included heavier springs than standard for the engine. That info should be in the shop manual.

DAMN! My '67 /6 car has 3!!!
I can't quite remember because I checked on this over a year ago,  doh but I do believe that I have 5 full leafs and 2 halfs on one side and 6 full leafs and 2 halfs on the other side (I'll have to re-check when I get home tonight), I also looked in my my 69 manual and confirmed that this was the setup for a 440 GTS. 0/
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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