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straighten the steering wheel

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The alignmnet was just done on the 75. I TOLD the shop to make sure the steering wheel was straight when they aligned it....of course, its not. I don't want to go back as its a pain to drop off a car to them to work on it. I may try to fix this myself. I don't want to pull the wheel and cut out the "big" spline to index it I was thinking:

should I just jack it up and rotate the TRE sleeves? If I move one out 3 turns, and the other side in 3 turns.....that should move the steering wheel and NOT any alignment settings...true?
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correct....move the sleeves the same distance in opposite directions
for example: if the top of the wheel is off to the left then just picture that if you starighten the wheel out, the wheels will turn to the right...hence you will need to adjust the right wheel in and the left wheel out. Just turn the sleeves the same distance and order will be restored in the universe
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