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The replacement LCA strut bushing has a longer taper on one end. How does this fit with respect to the K frame? long taper into the K from the front? or long taper into the hole, through the backside? Through the back side seems to make more sense to me...... what do you think??? The OEM didn't seem to have a taper....maybe it was just crushed flat?

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Just use your common sense, your not working on a Generic Motors or Blue oval blunder...... )(/*

Does the long tapered side sit against the K-member? I'd use the flattest, least deflecting bushing against the control arm side of the K-member. I'm goin outside to look at the 'Cuda............back in minute o----o<>

......none of my bushings have a taper to them. I used Just Suspension bushing about 10 years ago though. ;D
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